Budget mATX & ITX PC Cases: Deepcool’s New Releases


Deepcool's New Budget mATX & ITX PC Cases!⚡ #CES2024

Deepcool’s New Budget mATX & ITX PC Cases at CES 2024!

Introducing the CH160 & CH160 Digital

The CE160 Mini ITX PC case from Deepcool is a game-changer for PC gaming enthusiasts on a budget. Priced at around $70 for the regular version and $85 for the digital model, these compact cases boast a traditional PC case layout, making it easy to integrate a graphics card into your ITX motherboard. While the CH160 digital version features a sleek digital display, the regular CH160 comes with a glass panel, offering a budget-friendly choice for gamers.

CH360 & CH360 Digital for MicroATX Enthusiasts

For those who prefer MicroATX cases, Deepcool presents the CH360 series, available in digital and non-digital versions. The sleek digital display option allows users to monitor the temperatures inside their PC case, offering quality build and a clean aesthetic. The digital model prices in at $100, while the standard non-digital version comes in at an affordable $80.

New Mystique Coolers Unveiled

The Mystique 240, 360, and 420 CPU coolers are equipped with impressive digital displays that can be modified using software, providing real-time data on temperature and CPU performance. Deepcool promises not to jack up prices for these innovative coolers, with the Mystique 240/360 retailing at approximately $170. The premium 420 plus version includes a gyro for automatic orientation adjustment and ensures optimal cooling performance with high-quality fan motors.

Budget mATX & ITX PC Cases: Deepcool’s New Releases

Introducing the Assassin 4S

Deepcool’s new Assassin 4S takes CPU cooling up a notch with a modified fan blade design for improved cooling performance. Priced at $85, this cooler offers maintenance-free, stylish cooling for PC enthusiasts looking for top-notch performance.

Closing Thoughts

The Deepcool booth at CES 2024 certainly didn’t disappoint, showcasing a range of affordable yet high-quality PC cases, coolers, and fans. The new budget-friendly CH160 and CH360 series cater to both Mini ITX and MicroATX enthusiasts, while the Mystique coolers and Assassin 4S promise advanced cooling solutions at competitive prices. For PC gaming enthusiasts looking to level up their setups without breaking the bank, Deepcool’s offerings at CES 2024 are definitely worth checking out!

Budget mATX & ITX PC Cases: Deepcool’s New Releases