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    Bubu Dubu left off new FaZe Halo roster following ‘org complications’

    In a new twist to Halo Infinite’s ongoing rostermania, FaZe Clan’s Bubu Dubu has announced that he is officially a free agent looking for a team. FaZe has been noticeably absent from competitive play throughout split two of the HCS Pro Series and this sudden announcement potentially gives some insight into that absence.

    Bubu Dubu’s removal from the team was all but simple. He claims that he technically wasn’t dropped since every member of the potential roster wanted him on the lineup. But it was the organization that had other ideas, according to Bubu Dubu.

    “Due to org complications I am being left off what would have been the best roster I’ve ever been on,” he explained in a series of follow-up tweets to his original announcement. “Not making this tweet for people to feel sorry for me, but rather giving a little insight on the situation.”

    Questions have surrounded the state of FaZe’s team in recent weeks and have only escalated following the appearance of the team’s rookie, Bound, playing for Cloud9 during the Pro Series. Even Snip3down made an appearance in week three, playing with a pickup team while FaZe itself continued to be missing from the competition. For both FaZe and eUnited, disagreements and conflict between the organization and its contracted players have appeared to lengthen an already sizeable rostermania period that has led to both partnered organizations missing out on valuable HCS points.

    The potential roster that Bubu Dubu referred to in his tweets remains unknown at this time. The state of various player contracts and trade deals, including the likes of Spartan and Renegade, adds many talented players to the list of those who could be involved.

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