Broke: TechLead’s Bitcoin ETF Fail


Bitcoin ETF CRASH. I'm POOR again. it's over...

Bitcoin ETF: What’s Next?

Ex-Google TechLead is back to talk about the aftermath of the Bitcoin ETF. After announcing his YouTube departure, TechLead checks the Bitcoin price and realizes he’s “actually poor now.” Although he jests, he issues a formal apology to anyone who bought Bitcoin before the ETF and lost money.

Bitcoin ETF Tracker and Grayscale ETF

TechLead explains that over $4 billion flowed into Bitcoin ETFs and around $3.4 billion flowed out of the Grayscale ETF. He attributes the price decrease to FTX bankruptcy lawyers selling off $1 billion worth of Grayscale Bitcoin ETF shares. Customers’ objections to selling their Bitcoin further complicate the issue, creating potential buying opportunities for interested parties.

Advertising & Future Prospects

In spite of the FTX debacle, TechLead believes in the long-term viability of Bitcoin, especially with the upcoming advertising and promotional activities by various institutions and ETFs.

Broke: TechLead’s Bitcoin ETF Fail

Value Proposition of Bitcoin

He delves into the value proposition of Bitcoin, emphasizing its potential to solve longstanding problems of corruption and inflation. TechLead suggests diversifying into Bitcoin as an alternative investment to stocks and real estate.

The Case for Bitcoin

TechLead warns against trying to time the market and encourages a rational, long-term approach to Bitcoin investment. He shares that Bitcoin has endured and grown in strength over the years, culminating in its recent ETF approval.

Final Thoughts

Concluding his presentation, TechLead urges viewers to consider investing in Bitcoin as a support for hope and freedom. He ends on a positive note, embracing the potential growth and development of the cryptocurrency market.

Remember, the bottom-line is not just about making money, but also about creating a world of possibilities with freedom. So go out and get some Bitcoin, and let’s pave the way for a brighter future together!

Broke: TechLead’s Bitcoin ETF Fail