BREAKING: Intel’s New Chips SUCK?!


Intel's New Chips are WORSE?

Intel’s Hot New Meteor Lake CPUs Might Disappoint

Redefining Performance: Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs

Samsung’s future Galaxy devices can now be pre-ordered at a $50 credit incentive. The recent tech news includes a shocking revelation about Intel’s prospective Meteor Lake CPUs potentially underperforming compared to their predecessors. The particulars are detailed in the latest TechLinked podcast.

Comparing Performance Metrics

Intel’s newly tested Meteor Lake CPUs, specifically the Core i7-155h, fell short in comparison tests, hinting at reduced IPC in single-core tasks. Hardware developer David Hang utilized the spec CPU Benchmark with Apple’s M2 Pro and M3 Pro, AMD’s Ryzen 77840 U and 7840 HS, as well as Intel’s Core i7-13700 H to gauge performance. The results placed the 155h in a lower standing, raising concerns about its overall capability.


BREAKING: Intel’s New Chips SUCK?!

Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs potentially showing poorer performance in single-core tasks, challenges the anticipation surrounding these new chips. While the current benchmark measurements don’t imply overall inefficacy, they raise important questions about the chips’ optimization and AI acceleration features.

US Water Utilities Cyber Attacks

Iran-linked hacking groups have targeted American water utilities, raising concerns about cybersecurity in critical infrastructure. A notable attack occurred in the Alaqua Water and Sewer Authority in Pennsylvania where hackers shut off a remote monitoring device. This incident emphasizes the vulnerabilities in small public utilities’ infrastructure and their struggle against cyber threats.

SpaceX’s Expanding Satellite Services

SpaceX’s recent satellite launch intends to improve cellular communication services, specifically for T-Mobile US customers. The goal is to overcome dead zones and broaden service accessibility in remote areas, marking a significant achievement for mobile communication technology.

Quick Bits

Amazon has unveiled a new AI review summary system despite facing criticism for account suspensions. Microsoft has rebranded its Edge browser as the “AI Browser” and P***hub has banned users from two more states due to privacy concerns. A heartwarming story also emerged when an Apple watch saved a woman and her cat from a carbon monoxide leak.

New Discoveries in Space

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured detailed photos of Jupiter’s moon IO, showcasing stunning and informative imagery of the distant celestial body, upgrading our understanding of the solar system’s dynamics.

BREAKING: Intel’s New Chips SUCK?!

It’s always exciting to witness technological advancements and space explorations. Stay tuned for more fascinating developments in the world of technology.🚀

BREAKING: Intel’s New Chips SUCK?!