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    Bosses of Genshin Impact gathered in one place to fight Nahida

    Player Genshin Impact shared a video showing several bosses fighting in front of Mondstadt’s famous cathedral. Developer HoYoverse continues to add new bosses to the game with almost every new update. Defeating these powerful characters usually grants precious ascension materials, but players need to spend Resin to collect the rewards.

    A new video from a fan shows what will happen if some of Teyvat’s most feared bosses invade Freedom City. The video was filmed on a private server that allowed the player to manipulate the environment, including granting God Mode to their characters. After trying to dodge all of her opponent’s attacks, Nahida was hit hard and knocked her back, likely causing the player to cut the video.

    Some players claim that this is how they imagine the infamous cataclysm that happened five hundred years ago, at least according to the game’s official storyline.

    As seen on PlayGround

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