Boss Up: Mod Installation Guide

Lethal Company - How to Install Mods

Lethal Comapany Guide: How to Install Mods

If you’re looking to find new and fun ways to play Lethal Company, whether it be with your friends or solo, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover the different methods to install mods, how to get them working, and a few of our favorites.

Installation Methods

There are two main methods for installing Lethal Company mods: manual installation or using the mod manager Let’s go over both methods now.

To make most mods work, you’ll have to first install “BepInEx” from the mod creator of the same name. This tool helps install mods for games that run in Unity. After unzipping the folder, move its contents into the Lethal Company folder. To streamline the process, you can also use the app for an easier installation process.

Boss Up: Mod Installation Guide

Favorite Mods

Once you have the framework set up, it’s time to choose which mods to install. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mimics by x753

This mod turns something into a monster that will suddenly pop out and kill you, adding an extra layer of intensity to Lethal Company.

Helmet Cameras by RickArg

This mod adds helmet cameras to the game, allowing you to observe a teammate’s point of view in-game, adding a new layer of strategy to the gameplay.

More Suits by x753

This mod allows you to choose from several new suits and even add PNG files to create your own, boosting the customization options for players.

More Company by notnotnotswipez

This mod greatly increases the amount of people that can be in your lobby, adding an extra layer of chaos to the game.

Boss Up: Mod Installation Guide

With these mods, you can enhance your Lethal Company experience and add new dimensions to your gameplay. Whether it’s adding new suits, increasing the number of players, or adding new challenges, mods can take the game to a whole new level.

Install your favorite mods and enjoy your time in Lethal Company! For more gaming mods, tips, and walkthroughs, keep it right here on IGN 🎮⚔️

Be sure to check out for even more mods. Happy gaming!

Boss Up: Mod Installation Guide