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    Blizzard games coming to Steam starting with Overwatch 2

    Some of your favorite Blizzard games are coming to Steam. Blizzard today announced that it plans to offer a selection of its games in the PC store.

    “While we remain committed to continually investing in and supporting, we want to break down barriers to make it easier for players around the world to find and enjoy our games,” the announcement reads.

    The first Blizzard game to hit Steam will be Overwatch 2 and it will be available on August 10th.

    Steam players will still need to connect Overwatch 2 to a account, but they will have access to all of Steam’s amenities, such as a friends list and achievements.

    While Blizzard has indicated it will release multiple games on Steam, Overwatch 2 is the only one it has announced so far, saying it will introduce more games, “when the time comes“.

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