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    Blizzard Entertainment removes the letter Z from Zarya skins after Russian invasion

    The letter Z has seemingly been removed from Zarya’s Arctic and Siberian Front skins in Overwatch following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started on Feb. 24.

    The letter Z is a pro-war symbol of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This change, however, was not mentioned in the latest Overwatch patch notes.

    As noted by users on Overwatch’s subreddit, the letter Z was previously placed on the Russian hero’s chest. It’s difficult to make out, but it has now clearly been removed.

    Since the war in Ukraine began, the letter has been sighted numerous times by journalist in the Eastern European country. “It was first spotted on tanks and military vehicles, but now it seems to be gaining support from Russian civilians,” CNN said on March 8.

    The letter Z was present on the skins purely because of Zarya’s name. Being a Russian character, Blizzard probably didn’t want players getting the wrong idea.

    The gaming community has been actively supporting Ukraine by donating funds to charities that are responsible for humanitarian aid. And Blizzard is no exception. The company suspended the sales of its games in Russia on March 5.

    On April 4, Microsoft and Epic’s shared initiative raised a total of $144 million. Other companies, including Riot Games, have been engaged in humanitarian relief as well.

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