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    Black and white fantasy RPG Cryptmaster announced

    Developers Paul Hart and Lee Williams, along with publisher Akupara Games, have unveiled Cryptmaster, a new narrative adventure game with a distinct black-and-white art style and an even more distinct gameplay hook: it mixes text adventures with modern graphics to provide a kind of experience”Scribblenauts meets D&D” where you type in what you want your character to do next and the game responds.

    Hart and Williams describe Cryptmaster as “a narrative adventure with a nostalgic visual style about a party of recently awakened dead heroes. An eccentric figure known as the Cryptomaster has tasked you with a journey upward through the layers of several fantasy underground kingdoms.”

    Just like in Scribblenauts, the words you type become actions in Cryptmaster, be it dialogue responses or combat moves. Also promised a lot of puzzles and dark comedy.

    As seen on PlayGround

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