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    Big Legends of Runeterra changes are coming in Patch 3.6

    Riot Games is dropping a major card update in Legends of Runeterra on April 27, containing 12 champion buffs, new cards, rule updates, and a handful of nerfs.

    A large overhaul to the LoR meta will take place via Patch 3.6, which is scheduled to drop on April 27. The last major update took place via Patch 3.4, which added three new spells while buffing Viktor, Aphelios, and Azir. Meta shifts did take place following LoR Patch 3.4, but in small increments over time. Patch 3.6, however, has the potential to impact the meta like a new set or expansion release.

    The update “will focus on gameplay adjustments—including level-up conditions, play/summon effects, new Keywords, and more,” according to a pre-announcement of the LoR changes taking place in Patch 3.6. In addition, players can expect “rule updates” as well. 

    Image via Riot Games

    Of the champion buffs slated to take place, Sion, Karma, LeBlanc, and Udyr stand out. Udyr has fallen short since his LoR release, while LeBlanc is a strong champion within a narrow archetype. And every beta Legends of Runeterra player remembers the days of Karma spouting off copies of spells to end games. 

    The new LoR cards are Elite support, Udyr support, and Reputation support. No further details have been revealed at time of writing. Yordles in Arms will finally get a nerf in Patch 3.6, along with Buried Sun Disc, Ballistic Bot, and the infamous Bandle Tree. 

    Players can check out all the nerfs and buffs taking place in LoR Patch 3.6 when the full notes drop on April 26. 

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