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    Bel’Veth among 8 champions scheduled to be nerfed in League patch 12.12

    The preview for League of Legends Patch 12.12 has arrived and with it 20 champions are on the docket to receive balance changes. Among those 20, eight champions will be nerfed, including the most recently released champion, Bel’Veth.

    In addition to Bel’Veth, two other junglers—Dr. Mundo and Viego—are also being hit. Champions across the Rift, including Fiora, Singed, Zeri, and Janna, will also be nerfed.

    Although no details about the expected changes have been revealed by Riot just yet—they should come tomorrow during the extended version of the patch preview—Tim Jiang of the Summoner’s Rift team at Riot, said on Twitter “healing outliers from nerfed Grievous wounds, durability updates to pets, [and] adjusting some build paths that were buffed [and] nerfed in [Patch] 12.10” will be the general themes of the 12.12 update.

    Apart from direct nerfs, four champions are receiving adjustments in the patch, with Katarina and Shaco seeing their most optimal build paths adjusted. Yuumi and Soraka will also have their healing output adjusted.

    More information regarding the changes is expected to come tomorrow. Riot traditionally releases an expansive version of the Patch Preview 24 hours after showcasing which champions and game systems are scheduled to be buffed and nerfed. 

    Patch 12.12 will go live on League of Legends servers on Thursday, June 23, according to the game’s official patch schedule, one day later than usual.

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