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    Beeline has improved the speed of mobile Internet in the Moscow metro by 4.5 times

    The maximum speed reaches 151 Mbps

    Mobile Internet in the Moscow metro now just flies. During peak hours, the average data transfer rate for Beeline reaches 127 Mbps. This is more than enough to watch movies and series in high quality, which users can now download 4.5 times faster than a year ago. The figures rose sharply after the completion of the network upgrade.

    According to the test drive, which was carried out by specialists, the maximum speed during measurements reaches 151 Mbps, as for the minimum, the speed did not drop below 89 Mbps at any of the metropolitan stations.

    The study was conducted in June 2022.

    Importantly, the high speed of the Internet for Beeline subscribers is maintained at all stations and subway lines. Even while moving and changing branches, high-speed Internet is available to users, which does not fall off or freeze. Phone conversations while moving in the subway are also not interrupted. Underground, VoLTE technology is available to subscribers for voice calls, the huge advantages of which are the speed of connection, excellent voice quality, when it seems that the interlocutor is nearby, as well as the ability to use mobile Internet and various applications without interrupting the telephone conversation.

    According to the independent analytical agency Telecom Daily, beeline provides the best average content download speeds in train cars and at Moscow metro stations, as well as the most stable network in hauls.

    In the Moscow metro, the operator has completely upgraded networks to the 5G-Ready standard. The work was completed in 2021. As soon as frequencies are allocated for next-generation communications, the operator will be able to launch 5G within a few days.

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