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    Beautiful platformer with pixel graphics Tiny Thor will be released on Nintendo Switch

    Asylum Square and Gameforge have announced that Tiny Thor, a 16-bit pixel-art platform adventure game by veteran artist Henk Nyborg and soundtrack by Turrican veteran Chris Hülsbeck, will be released on Nintendo Switch on August 3, 2023.

    Tiny Thor features 16-bit graphics and Mjolnir-based gameplay that guides our Scandinavian hero through challenging levels filled with all sorts of obstacles. It offers tough handling, dynamic action and a nostalgic experience.

    Tiny Thor will seem familiar to retro fans, but at the same time unique in its own way. It features real 16-bit pixel art by Henk Nyborg and an original soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck. Starting as a relatively simple platformer, Tiny Thor unfolds as you unlock all sorts of abilities you’ve ever dreamed of. Platforming is punctuated by thrilling boss fights that will test Odin’s son.

    Every kingdom has a set of all-powerful adversaries who want to stop Thor from becoming a true god. You will need to use everything you have learned along the way to defeat them.

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