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    Battlefield 3 ‘realistic’ mod scheduled for release on July 17th

    Previously already reportedabout a fan-made mod for Battlefield 3 that will give gamers a more down-to-earth and serious take on the franchise called the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod (as Battlefield veterans can see, it’s inspired by Project Reality’s Battlefield 2 mod).

    Today we have good news: not only do we have a new trailer, but the development team has announced that the Battlefield 3 Reality Mod is set to release on July 17th!

    7 years of development, more than 80 participants. What we have achieved is absolute madness! We are very excited to finally release BF3: Reality Mod on July 17th!

    Players will need the Battlefield 3 base game and all DLC on PC to test this mod, but given how cheap it is these days, it’s worth a try! If you’ve ever wanted more of Arma in Battlefield, or perhaps a Battlefield with Rainbow Six-style gunplay, then this might be just the thing for you.

    As seen on PlayGround

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