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    Bandai Namco’s supposed list of upcoming releases has surfaced online

    An Elden Ring expansion called Barbarians of the Badlands and several new games appear to have been exposed as a result of a hack attack on Bandai Namco’s servers, or at least that’s what’s showing up on social media, awaiting confirmation or denial.

    As it became known a few hours ago, the BlackCat hacker group appears to have attacked Bandai Namco in order to extract sensitive information and then demand a ransom from a Japanese publisher who may have refused to accept such terms: hence the inevitable leak.

    The list we see in the screenshot below appears to be just one of the documents stolen during the hack, but as mentioned above, it’s not clear at this point if these materials are real or if they’re an elaborate fake created to ride the tide. moment.

    In any case, the names in the list are very eloquent:

    • Armored Core
    • Dragon Ball: The Breakers
    • Little Nightmares 3
    • Dragon Ball FighterZ Super
    • Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth 2
    • Elden Ring: Barbarians of the Badlands
    • Tales of Ascension
    • Tekken 8
    • Code Vein 2
    • One Punch Man: Fighters Association
    • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

    As seen on PlayGround

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