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    Bandai Namco Reveals Blue Protocol Release Date Update

    Blue Protocol is expected to launch in “the next few years starting in 2022,” according to the latest update from Bandai Namco. Gorgeous MMORPG with anime visuals Blue Protocol disappeared from the radar last year, but Bandai Namco has confirmed that the development of the game is still in full swing.

    The game may not come out this year, as the developers intended, but Bandai Namco expects it in the next couple of years after 2022.

    The confirmation came from Bandai Namco’s General Manager of Development Daishi Yoshida, who revealed that the next few years after 2022 are important years for Bandai Namco’s Online division as they plan to release two games – Gundam Evolution and Blue Protocol.

    The next few years from 2022 are very important seasons for Bandai Namco Online as big games like GUNDAM EVOLUTION and BLUE PROTOCOL are coming soon.

    Unfortunately, we still don’t have a more precise release date for Blue Protocol, but at least we know it won’t be coming anytime soon. It is hoped that in the coming months we will learn more details about the progress of development and, perhaps, see new gameplay.

    Blue Protocol is a PC-only release and will launch in Japan first. Some job postings suggest that after the release in Japan, the game may also appear in Europe, North America and Australia.

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