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    Bad News Bears are the first casualty of the Americas RMR

    Bad News Bears, an orgless squad from North America, were the first team knocked out of the PGL Antwerp Major Americas Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament following a 2-0 loss to 9z in the 0-2 pool of the Swiss system stage.

    This defeat means Bad News Bears are out of the first CS:GO Major of the year contention. The North Americans leave the Major qualifier without having won a single map. The South American mix of 9z were in charge of almost the whole series, apart from the first half of Inferno, the first map. Bad News Bears won the half 9-6, but only managed to win two rounds as Terrorists in the second half due to 9z’s strong defensive setup.

    The action moved on to Overpass and although Bad News Bears delivered glimpses of hope at the end of the map, getting close to taking it to overtime, 9z converted the 29th round and closed it out 16-13. The Argentinian rifler Luca “Luken” Nadotti was the MVP of the series, having finished with a 46-30 K/D and 1.36 rating.

    9z and Bad News Bears met today after losing in the first two rounds of the PGL Antwerp Major Americas RMR yesterday. The North Americans lost to two Brazilian teams, Case (16-10) and São Caetano (16-12), while 9z fell to MIBR (16-13) and Evil Geniuses (16-5).

    Throughout the course of the day, it will be Leviatan and Team oNe who will play for tournament elimination. 9z will return to the server tomorrow to play another elimination best-of-three series.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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