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    At Warner Bros. commented on their decision to cancel “Batgirl” and other projects

    Today has become knownthat Leslie Grace’s strong Batgirl film will not be released in theaters and online services. Now Warner Bros. officially confirmed the complete cancellation of the film and explained the reason for its unexpected decision.

    The company justified the film’s cancellation on the grounds that it does not reflect the new direction of the DC film franchise. Representatives from Warner Bros. thanked all participants in the production and do not exclude new cooperation with them already within the framework of new projects.

    Along with the movie “Batgirl”, the sequel to the cartoon “Scooby-Doo” was also canceled. Its closure was forced by the studio’s creative leadership.

    According to media reports, Warner Bros. already spent a decent budget on the production of excellent tapes. To recoup the costs, the company will try to write off part of the taxes on production. The paintings were far from complete, so the likelihood of seeing them sometime in the future simply does not exist.

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