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    At Comic-Con, GTA fans opened a real Cluckin’ Bell

    A real-life Cluckin’ Bell opened at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, designed as an “immersive experience” and “art performance”. The staff had unique uniforms and printed menus. There was even a seating area for you to enjoy your Little Clucker and Farmer’s Surprise.

    The uniform was the same as in GTA, with the ambiguous slogan “Taste the cock” on the back. The menu also included a Sprunk drink (reference to Sprite). And there was a poster on the wall reminding employees not to serve Trevor Philips.

    Reason for denial of service. Throwing grenades at employees, stealing customer cars, vandalism, non-payment for food. If you see this person, report it to Cluckin’ Bell immediately or call the police.

    The menu consisted of Cluckin’ Huge, Wing Piece, Hot Cock, Chicken Sink, Little Pecker, 6i9 Cock, Little Clucker, Farmer’s Surprise and the aforementioned Sprunk.

    Fast food restaurant chain Cluckin’ Bell, found in many parts since San Andreas, including GTA 4 and 5. It is believed that it was founded by Charles K. Bell, who is called “King of the Cock”, but his leadership is not the best, as the employees are said to be unhappy, unhappy and rude. We hear them in the game say things like, “I hope you choke!” Maybe real life customer service was a little better.

    This performance was in no way affiliated with Rockstar, as it was fan-organized, which took cosplay to a whole new level by dressing up as NPCs and bringing a fictional fast food restaurant to life.

    As seen on PlayGround

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