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    ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Matrix takes a new record of 4230 MHz

    Over the past couple of weeks, the records for the absolute frequency of the GPU have been updated at an unprecedented frequency. First, Cens overclocked the Colorful RTX 4090 Colorful iGame to 3975 MHz, after Splave and ASUS RTX 4090 ROG Matrix, they conquered the 4 GHz milestone. In both cases, the video cards remained stable and could pass some tests. This week again, Cens raised the bar to 4095 MHz, and the newest record was set by Splave with RTX 4090 ROG Matrix – 4230 MHz.

    Unfortunately, in both recent examples of overclocking above 4 GHz, the video cards could not pass any tests. It was overclocking solely for the sake of frequency, consider “corn megahertz”.

    Along the way, with overclocking to 3915 and 3880 MHz, Splave updated absolute records in the SuperPosition 1080p and 8K benchmarks for systems with a single GPU.

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