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    Astralis beat Entropiq to stay alive in ESL Pro League season 15

    Astralis overcame Entropiq 2-1 today in the most hard-fought series of the ESL Pro League season 15 playoffs so far. This victory set the Danish CS:GO team up to advance from the round of 12 to the competition’s quarterfinals.

    The match could have gone Entropiq’s way but Astralis had the endurance in high-pressure moments to close out the game. The Danes beat Entropiq 16-14 on Nuke and Entropiq won Vertigo 19-15 in overtime to push the series all the way to Overpass, the final map.

    Astralis displayed a strong CT side (10-5) on Overpass and it seemed like Entropiq were out of gas, especially after Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander and crew converted the second pistol and anti eco. The Russian team, however, then won nine of 10 rounds to surpass Astralis 14-13. In the last three rounds of regulation, though, Astralis got some opening kills that netted them a powerful advantage to take these rounds and win 16-14.

    Astralis couldn’t have won this nail-biter match against Entropiq if it wasn’t for Benjamin “blameF” Bremer’s individual brilliance. The former Complexity rifler finished the series with an 81-59 K/D and 1.30 rating. Even though he did not frag as much as blameF, Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth was also pivotal to the team’s success since he won a couple of important clutches.

    The final round of 12 match of ESL Pro League season 15 will see Heroic and Team Liquid fight for the last spot in the quarterfinals, which will start tomorrow.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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