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    ASRock Adds DDR5-7200 Support With New AMD AGESA Firmware

    ASRock has released BIOS version 1.28as01 for the X670E Taichi motherboard as well as for other models based on the X670E chipset. It contains AGESA, which should significantly improve DDR5 overclocking. According to ASRock, the firmware update will expand memory compatibility, improve stability, and provide broad support for modules from different manufacturers.

    Until now, overclocking DDR5 on AMD processors has usually been limited by DDR5-6000 or DDR5-6200. ASRock plans to push this bar up. The AM5 motherboard will support such extreme modes for AMD processors as DDR5-7200 via XMP profiles. As evidence, a screenshot was added to the Reddit post showing the Ryzen 9 7950X3D running with very fast memory.

    DDR5-7200 at 7.200 MT/s with 34-44-44-114 timings and 1.4 V – in accordance with the XMP profile of the G.Skill brackets.

    The latest BIOS 1.28as01 for X670E Taichi can be downloaded directly from ASRock website. It is not yet known whether similar DDR5 frequencies will be supported on other ASRock motherboards. We recommend checking the support pages for the respective motherboards.

    ASUS also released beta BIOS with AGESA

    ASUS also released the first beta BIOS with AGESA So far, only motherboards based on the X670E chipset are supported. But DDR5’s high clock speeds aren’t advertised as aggressively as they are with ASRock. Meanwhile, BIOS versions with AGESA have also appeared for MSI and Gigabyte motherboards.

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