Asmongold Enrages IGN Players


IGN made everyone mad..

IGN Trashes Stellar Blade: A Controversial Take

Recently, IGN sparked outrage within the gaming community with scathing remarks regarding Stellar Blade and its concept artist. The article in question criticized the character design of Eve from Stellar Blade, labeling it as “bland” and “sexualized”. It even went as far as to suggest that the concept artist has never seen a woman before, igniting a firestorm of backlash.

The Fallout

Asmongold, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, reacted to IGN’s comments with unbridled criticism. He condemned the author of the article, dismissing their remarks as ignorant and in poor taste. Asmongold’s passionate response resonated with many fans, who shared his sentiments towards the disparaging article.

A Call for Respect

While criticism is a natural part of the gaming industry, there is a fine line between constructive feedback and outright disrespect. The denigration of a concept artist’s work and personal attacks based on their appearance are unwarranted and detrimental to the community as a whole.

Asmongold Enrages IGN Players

In the midst of this controversy, it is important to remember the dedication and talent that goes into creating the games we love. Behind every character design is a team of artists and developers pouring their creativity and passion into their craft.

Let us use this moment as a reminder to treat each other with respect and to appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing our favorite games to life. Gaming should be a celebration of creativity and collaboration, not a platform for unwarranted negativity.

As we navigate through this tumultuous time, let us strive to uplift each other and support the creators who bring joy and inspiration to our lives through their art.

Remember, at the heart of every game is a community united by a shared love for gaming. Let’s continue to build a supportive and inclusive environment where all voices are heard and respected.

So let’s channel our passion and energy towards creating a positive and welcoming space for everyone in the gaming community. Together, we can overcome challenges and cultivate a culture of kindness and appreciation.

Asmongold Enrages IGN Players

Stay strong, stay united, and keep gaming!

Asmongold Enrages IGN Players