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    Ash vs Evil Dead: Bruce Campbell says the show could continue as an animated series

    It’s been four years since Starz’s three-season Ash vs. Evil Dead series ended, and as the show ended, Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell announced that he was officially stepping down as Ash. At least when it comes to the physical performance of the character on screen. Since then, writer/director Lee Cronin has directed a new Evil Dead movie called Rise of the Evil Dead that does not feature Campbell and will be released via the HBO Max streaming service, with Campbell reprising the role of Ash through voice acting for the recently released game. Evil Dead: The Game. Now, during a new interview with Collider, Campbell revealed that Ash vs Evil Dead could continue as an animated series where he will voice Ash!

    Lamenting the cancellation of Ash vs. Evil Dead, which would have featured Ash fighting the forces of evil in a high-tech future if it had a fourth season, Collider’s Perry Nemiroff asked Campbell if there was hope for a continuation of the series’ story. Campbell replied:

    You can make the future much easier with animation. I still talk like Ash and, you know, my voice wasn’t as battered as my body, so I can still do this shit.

    Campbell said seven months ago that he would be willing to voice Ash for an Evil Dead animated series, and it looks like the idea has progressed to the point where he and franchise creator Sam Raimi are now in talks to do such a series.

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