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    As Dusk Falls review

    Need to know

    What is it? A comic that you play—and really, really care about.
    Expect to pay $30/£25
    Developer INTERIOR/NIGHT
    Publisher Xbox Game Studios
    Reviewed on GeForce GTX 1650, AMD Ryzen 5 3550H, 8 GB RAM
    Multiplayer? Yes
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    On the face of it, this is a hard sell to the videogame crowd. There’s no direct control over an avatar. You complete QTEs and make choices, and… that’s about it, really. Yet the limitations of the format are (mostly) transformed into strengths here. You may initially mourn the loss of the ability to spin on the spot and jump around on tables during poignant dialogue, but once you’re playing? You’ll want little more than to see what happens next. 

    The story concerns two very different families brought crashing together during a small-town motel siege. The Walkers are moving house, with little more than prosaic family tensions to worry about; the Holts are after a large amount of cash for reasons that are soon made clear. To explain much more than that would run the risk of spoilers which, in a game like this, could tear holes through the experience.

    As Dusk Falls

    (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

    There were also precisely two decisions that I feel could’ve done with a bit of work (which, of course, I can’t go into detail about). Still, considering the fact that you’re provided with a near-constant stream of decisions to make—including a higher number of significant ones than you might expect—the fact that there are just two that struck me as imperfect is pretty impressive.

    It also has to be said that the handful of flashback sequences, while as excellently put together as the rest of the game, are robbed of a degree of tension simply because you already know that one or more of the characters don’t die. I’m pretty much scraping the bottom of the criticism barrel here though, because I’m running out of things I don’t like.

    If you’re looking for a strong story that you’ll want to replay at least once, and/or something to tide you over until we get that AAA dishwashing simulator we’re all waiting for, this is very much your game. 

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