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    Art and models from the new part of Skate leaked to the network

    Electronic Arts announced a relaunch of its popular Skate series of skateboarding games back in the summer of 2020. The game is already at the final stage of development and is undergoing closed testing, but there is not as much information on it as we would like. The recent leak of Skate illustrations allows us to assess the visual direction of the future project right now.

    The Skate Leak features over 50 different illustrations, character models and artwork that showcase board designs and clothing options. Judging by these posts, players will have access to a huge range of skateboard designs in character customization. At the moment, it is not clear how they can be obtained in your collection, but the assortment itself is impressive in variety.

    A Skate reboot is in the works for PC and consoles, but doesn’t have a release date yet. It will reportedly be a completely free-to-play game that will receive regular updates, seasons, and events.

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