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    ‘Arkane’s signature shooter’ and ‘Far Cry by Stephen King’ are the first previews of Redfall

    A few days ago, industry journalists were invited by Bethesda to showcase Redfall. The result of this session was the appearance of a variety of previews in Western publications.

    Redfall is very well received by early journalists – developers Arkane Studios are praised for developing a good shooting system and creating an intriguing world full of unusual activities. The upcoming game combines several familiar concepts with no shortage of inspiration from popular brands. Many articles refer to the vampire extermination as “Far Cry by Stephen King” or “Vampire Far Cry”, and some editors mention experiences reminiscent of the Borderlands series. In general, critics agreed that the developers managed to keep their usual style in the new genre.

    Killing vampires in Redfall is expected to be very intense – the footage below shows that players will be able to enjoy using the various abilities of the characters. Each of the hunters created by Arkane has a number of unique abilities that help them survive in a world overrun by bloodsuckers and their followers. The developers have focused on free exploration of the map, where we will find many hideouts, camps, loot and additional activities – with the help of quests we will delve deeper into this disturbing world and individual stories.

    The journalists checked out several missions, one of which was a classic infiltration mission – however, Redfall will not lack not only quieter challenges, but also missions that offer more intense experience and dynamic confrontations

    In general, the impressions of the game are positive, although here and there there are some disadvantages with stupid, weak enemies and uninteresting side quests.

    Redfall releases May 2 on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Launching on Game Pass.

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