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    Arc System Works plans to be less passive in looking for opportunities to collaborate on new fighting games

    Arc System Works creates some of the best fighting games in its genre. From Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive to the recently released DNF Duel, the studio has no shortage of great fighting games.

    However, aside from recognizable titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, the studio’s offerings are relatively niche when you’re outside of the hardcore fighting game audience, especially in the West. Arc System Works CEO Minoru Kidooka wants to change that.

    At EVO 2022, IGN spoke with Kidooka, who said that in the past, Arc System Works has been very passive about collaborating with other IPs, with IP owners coming to them to collaborate. Kidooka wants to change this attitude. Kidooka said that going forward, the studio plans to be less passive in looking for collaboration opportunities. In particular, Kidooka wants Arc System Works to create games that resonate with Western audiences. Whether that means licenses with a global appeal, like Dragon Ball, or working with franchises that originated in the West is unclear.

    “We need to expand the fighting game community through established franchises,” Kidooka told IGN. “In the future, if we have the opportunity, we will actively cooperate with new IP owners.”

    In the long run, Kidook’s dream is to develop a new IP Arc System Works planned and developed in the USA.

    In addition to Dragon Ball, Arc System Works has collaborated with various IP holders in the past on games such as Granblue, Persona, One Piece, and more. But the next step for the studio could be to partner with companies to create new fighting games with characters that appeal to the West.

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