Apple’s AI Takeover

Apple’s AI Era Has Begun…

Apple’s AI Era Has Begun

According to recent tech news, Apple has finally jumped on board the AI train by open-sourcing its multi-modal AI model called ‘mg.’ This model allows for image editing such as adding vegetable toppings to pizza pictures to make them ‘healthier.’ While still in its early stages with the ability to make requested edits but not always perfectly, it shows great promise for future refinements in AI image-based applications, like Roblox’s AI chat translator and real-time interpretation of erupted scrolls.

Unfortunately, Apple’s newly launched Vision Pro experienced issues with virtual objects disappearing and dodgy-looking avatars. However, they have released a beta for Vision OS to address these software hiccups. On a positive note, the YouTube app for Vision Pro is finally in development!

Apple’s AI Takeover

In other news, the EU has reached a provisional agreement on right-to-repair directives for appliances, requiring vendors to extend warranties for repaired goods and provide spare parts at a reasonable price. This agreement is intended to reduce waste and promote repair over replacement.

In Quick Bits, NVIDIA has a new mod to convert SDR games to HDR, a fusion reactor has doubled its energy output, TSMC surpasses Intel and Samsung in semiconductor revenue, the US state department plans visa restrictions on misuse of spyware, and Amazon is making changes to its Flex program to protect drivers.

Overall, this wave of AI and tech advancements is exciting for the future of technology. Stay tuned for more updates and positive innovations! 🌐

Apple’s AI Takeover