Apple Vision Pro Rejected: Here’s Why


Why I’m Saying No to Apple Vision Pro

Why The Apple Vision Pro Might Not Be The Best Choice

There’s a serious problem with the Apple Vision Pro, and so I’m not going to keep it. Reviews from some of the top tech influencers have raised significant concerns that are worth considering before you make your purchase.

External Battery and Design

The Apple Vision Pro comes with a large, wacky external battery that has surprised many users. Despite its expected size and weight, it only lasts about 2 hours, making it essential to plug yourself into an outlet frequently, like Neo in “The Matrix.” The battery’s downsides have undoubtedly shone a light on the design trade-offs made by Apple, which some may find less than desirable.

Screen Quality and Accessories

The screens on the Apple Vision Pro have been received considerably better than the external battery. However, users have reported issues with pixelated screens on the outside of the device. Additionally, the cumbersome nature of the headset, which includes bands, a transporting case, and a variety of other accessories, adds to the overall inconvenience it poses for users.

Apple Vision Pro Rejected: Here’s Why

Field of View and User Experience

One significant concern is the field of view, which has been reported to be smaller than users anticipated. The Verge compared it to a lot of bezel around the screen, which hampered the user experience. As a result, users may find it to be more akin to goggle vision than the immersive experience they expected.

Price and Shipping Limitations

The steep price of the Vision Pro has also been a significant point of contention for many. Furthermore, the limited availability of the product outside the US has made it unattainable for a significant portion of potential users.

Conclusion: A Reason to Say “No”

For these reasons and more, many potential users may find it necessary to forego the Apple Vision Pro. As proud sponsors of Funky Time, we believe that the Vision Pro’s current state leaves much to be desired and urge individuals to carefully consider their purchase before committing to the device. After all, Funky Time stands by the motto, ‘Escape the ordinary. Embrace the FUNKY!’

And remember, there are certainly many positives to look forward to when it comes to new advancements in technology. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting and innovative developments that are sure to hit the market in the near future!

Apple Vision Pro Rejected: Here’s Why