Apple Trolls EU with TechLinked


Apple is Trolling the EU

Apple’s iOS App Store Changes in the EU

Say goodbye to the era of exclusivity because Apple is finally making room for third-party app stores, payment systems, and browser engines. However, this shift isn’t as sweet as it initially sounds, as Apple’s compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act comes with a few sinister catches.

The Malicious Compliance

Apple’s announcement detailed that iOS will soon support third-party app stores, payment systems, and browser engines, marking a significant change in its usually closed ecosystem. However, this change is exclusively aimed at the European Union, introducing a complex set of rules and regulations that may sour the deal for developers and consumers alike.

In order for developers to distribute their apps on alternative app marketplaces or utilize third-party payment processes, they must abide by Apple’s new business terms. This includes a lower 10% cut of the App Store revenue or 15-30% for digital goods and services. Additionally, Apple has introduced a core technology fee for prolific apps, effectively taking a larger slice of the pie as an app’s popularity grows.

Apple Trolls EU with TechLinked

The Game Streaming Silver Lining

Amid the controversial changes, a glimmer of good news emerged as Apple announced support for game streaming platforms like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing them to submit a single iOS app to stream their entire game library, marking a pivotal shift in the wall garden of Apple’s operating systems.

Although Apple’s compliance with the EU’s Digital Markets Act may have brought about contentious changes, it also opened the door for broader market access and introduced new opportunities for developers.

Quick Bits: A Dash of Tech News

Amidst all the Apple-related buzz, Microsoft Teams faced a major outage, Florida’s House of Representatives passed a bill to restrict children’s social media usage, Google unveiled their innovative Lumiere text-to-video model, and Meta’s Reality Labs demonstrated groundbreaking VR technology.

In conclusion, amidst the whirlwind of changes, technological advancements and shifts are always on the horizon, bringing about new opportunities and exciting prospects for developers, consumers, and tech enthusiasts alike.

Let’s stay tuned for more inspiring innovations and updates in the tech world!

Apple Trolls EU with TechLinked

Apple Trolls EU with TechLinked