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    Apple starts selling refurbished M2 MacBook Air models online

    There was a very interesting information that Apple sent for sale laptops MacBook Air on M2 processors after restoration.

    These are, relatively speaking, used laptops that, after certain breakdowns, were sent for repair, but then the buyer refused or, for example, the repair required a complete replacement of the gadget. After repair, such laptops are sent to the service for testing, and then they go on sale.

    It is important to note that such laptops are cheaper than new ones, albeit not so much, while they are covered by a full warranty. Accordingly, a user who really wants this laptop can get it cheaper, but the gadget will not be 100% new. And many countries use it.

    The fact is that the full warranty for the MacBook Air on M2, even after restoration, allows you to contact official service centers in case of various malfunctions and receive appropriate assistance free of charge as part of the warranty.

    The question, of course, is when these laptops will reach our market and how much they will cost in retail, but, on the other hand, in any case, they are cheaper than just new ones. Let’s hope that such gadgets will not be in short supply, so that everyone has the opportunity to purchase them without unnecessary problems – theoretically, there are a lot of people who want to, and the laptop itself is in unprecedented demand. Attractive case design along with impressive performance is worth the money.

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