Apology: YouTube Slows AdBlock


YouTube Apologises for Slowing AdBlock Again

YouTube’s Apology for Slowing Down AdBlock Users

YouTube videos are slowing down again for AdBlock users. The AdBlock war wages on! If you’re experiencing video buffering with AdBlock enabled, you’re not alone. Recently, YouTube has implemented measures that affect users with AdBlock, making video buffering a common occurrence.

But why is this happening?

The real question is, why is YouTube targeting AdBlock users yet again? When users have AdBlock enabled, videos will pause and buffer at around 23 seconds. This tactic is a response to the ongoing battle against AdBlock to enforce the viewing of advertisements.

Effect on Users and Computers

For many users, the video buffering doesn’t just affect their viewing experience, but it also leads to increased CPU usage. According to PC Gamer, their CPU usage went up by about 177% when AdBlock was enabled while watching YouTube videos.

Apology: YouTube Slows AdBlock

Despite the inconvenience and strain on the users’ computers, YouTube has not made any official statements regarding these changes, leaving users in the dark about the reasoning behind their actions.

Who’s Really to Blame?

In a surprising twist, it has come to light that the slowdown isn’t entirely YouTube’s doing. The issue is partially attributed to an update made by AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. YouTube has been caught in the crossfire of this ongoing war against ad blockers.

Positive Spin on the Situation

Even with these challenges, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. YouTubers like Jesse Wellins and others have brought attention to the inconveniences caused by these changes, shedding light on the need for a resolution.

At the end of the day, the conflict between YouTube and AdBlock continues, but there’s hope for a better solution that ensures a seamless viewing experience for all users, regardless of their ad preferences.

For those looking for uninterrupted content, supporting creators through platforms like Patreon can provide access to ad-free content and contribute to the growth of their favorite channels.

Apology: YouTube Slows AdBlock

Let’s embrace the variety of content and the platform improvements that lie ahead, ensuring a better experience for all users!

Apology: YouTube Slows AdBlock