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    Aphelios player gets a pentakill in less than a second

    One League of Legends player recently lived out every Aphelios main’s dream when they landed an instant pentakill onto five enemies.

    The clip begins with Aphelios and his teammates pathing through their blue side jungle as the enemy team peers into the screen. The enemy Lee Sin looks to engage onto one of Aphelios’ teammates but is unable to find the kick needed to push the fight in their favor. Aphelios continues to keep his distance from the block of enemies. But this all changes once he notices all five enemies bunched together and paths in to unleash an Infernum ultimate for the ages.

    In less than a second, all five enemies were instantly deleted and Aphelios’ gold goes from a mere 300 to nearly 2,000 in a matter of seconds. Shortly after the play, the Aphelios player can be heard in the background laughing at what he just did to the enemy team as Aphelios stood paused in the middle of the jungle.

    The clip has received mixed reviews from the Reddit community. While some were impressed by the play, others viewed it like any other Aphelios highlight they saw in the past.

    “Pssh, back on release this was the norm,” Reddit user u/Epicgoldspartan said.

    When Aphelios was initially released on Dec. 11, 2019, his Infernum ultimate was one that caused a lot of controversy for its consistent ability to nuke five enemies in a split second. But since receiving nerfs to this ability, insta-pentakills like the one seen here have become much tougher to execute as a result.

    Nonetheless, whether you’re an Aphelios main wishing this happened in your game or just a League fan passing by, watching both your gold and KDA jump up by massive numbers is a sight anybody can appreciate—unless you happened to be one of the opponents up against Aphelios, of course. If that was the case, then take a quick breather and our best advice is to move on to your next game.

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