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    Apex’s Unshackled event is live with returning Flashpoint LTM

    Apex Legends is kicking off the Unshackled event today, bringing the return of 2020’s Flashpoint limited-time mode. As usual, the event will also add a host of new cosmetics, with 40 of them available to craft, and it will run for the next two weeks.

    The Flashpoint LTM is coming back after its first stint in the game in the Aftermarket event in season six. The mode creates large zones in the map—called Flashpoints—which will heal players’ health and shields while standing in them. Healing items are removed from the loot pool and the only way to top off your HP is standing in a Flashpoint.

    The new ruleset changes a match, placing more emphasis on taking and holding Flashpoints, especially with the closing ring shrinking the number of available safe zones. This also means players will flock to Flashpoints, creating areas with intense combat.

    The 2022 version of Flashpoint comes with an extra twist. The mode will take place on Olympus instead of Kings Canyon, which hosted both the Flashpoint LTM in Aftermarket and the Flashpoint-inspired Ultra Zones playlist during the season eight War Games event.

    In addition to the Flashpoint LTM, Apex is debuting a series of 40 new craftable cosmetics. These will be on the specific Unshackled item pool present in Event Packs, but they will move to the regular Apex Pack rotation after the event ends on May 3.

    Players can also earn free rewards just by playing. The event will have two different prize trackers, one for each week, which offer players a few prizes—including an Event Pack and a Nessie Holo-Spray.

    Image via Respawn Entertainment

    Lastly, Respawn Entertainment is reprising some old event skins in the shop. These include visuals for Gibraltar, Revenant, and Crypto in the first week and Octane, Caustic, Crypto, Wattson, and Bloodhound in week two.

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