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    Apex’s Unshackled event adds new skins, brings back Flashpoint LTM starting April 19

    Apex Legends’ upcoming Unshackled event will add a slew of new skins and give players another chance to experience the Flashpoint limited-time mode when it kicks off on April 19. The event trailer, revealed today, gives fans an idea of what to expect from Unshackled.

    As is tradition, Respawn is bringing 40 new cosmetics, including visuals for Valkyrie, Crypto, Wraith, Pathfinder, and others. These can be crafted and their price may be reduced after two seasons, according to Respawn.

    In addition to the new suite of visuals, the Flashpoint limited-time mode is also returning to the game, this time, with a new setting: the floating city of Olympus, as opposed to Kings Canyon.

    In Flashpoint, players will regenerate health and shields automatically by not taking damage and shield loot will be removed from the game. Flashpoint first appeared in the season six Aftermarket event in October 2020 and made a slightly tweaked appearance during the War Games event in April 2021. The War Games event introduced the Ultra Zones takeover, which borrowed the Flashpoints from the limited-time mode but paired them with extra loot.

    The Unshackled event was teased shortly before the release of season 12, with Respawn Entertainment revealing a mini-roadmap on Twitter that showed both the Warriors and Unshackled events, in addition to the anniversary celebrations.

    Though players may spend their Apex Coins or Crafting Metals to earn their favorite skins, some rewards are available just for playing the game during the event. Respawn is bringing two-week-long event trackers for players who get far enough in their challenges. The first week offers a gun charm and skins for Seer and the RE-45, while a Nessie Holo-Spray and an event pack will be up for grabs in week two.

    Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

    Players can participate in the Unshackled event from April 19 to May 3.

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