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    Apex’s next cinematic launches tomorrow, shows Bangalore’s farewell party

    Apex Legends is getting a new cinematic tomorrow. Titled “Apex Legends: Saviors,” the video will launch at 10am CT and show the farewell party Bangalore’s fellow legends are secretly planning to throw before she departs the Apex Games in the run-up to Apex’s next season.

    Bangalore’s possible departure from the Games has been teased for some time now, and her decision was made definite with her discovery that her brother Jackson is dead in The Williams Sendoff story event.

    Bangalore’s story hasn’t always been in the spotlight, but the prospect of leaving the Outlands behind her has been a thought brewing in the soldier’s mind for some time now. Bangalore had always struggled with finding a reason to stay in the Outlands and the Apex Games beyond the search for her missing brother.

    With one of the few extra reasons to stay now gone due to a miscommunication with Loba in the season nine quest, Bangalore doubled down on the hunt for information on Jackson with Wraith by her side. When that hunt only revealed evidence that Jackson had been dead for years, the resulting emotional breakdown Bangalore experienced turned into a resolve to leave the Outlands.

    As part of the build-up to season 13, Revenant snuck into her apartment and offered her a ride back to her home planet of Gridiron with him. At the time, she had rejected this and his attempts at psychological manipulation. With all her connections, relationships, and purpose gone, however, she was ready to take him up on the offer. Any attempt at talking to Loba and settling the misunderstanding between the two immediately soured when Bangalore revealed Revenant, Loba’s nemesis, made her the offer to go back to Gridiron, closing yet another door.

    A series of teasers on social media building up to this cinematic release has shown that Bangalore has packed up her room on the dropship and gathered all the evidence of Jackson’s death to give to her family when she gets home. They also showed many of the legends are throwing her a surprise farewell party.

    It’s unclear what exactly will happen at the party, but based on Bangalore’s wielded weapon and the panicked look she shows in the video’s thumbnail, it’s fair to guess something is about to go terribly wrong.

    You can watch the cinematic and discover Bangalore’s fate when it premieres at 10am CT on April 25.

    Update on April 25 at 10:15am CT: The cinematic video released today was revealed to not be an episode of Apex’s Stories from the Outlands series, but instead a launch trailer previewing changes coming in season 13, including the reveal of Newcastle as the game’s next legend and as Bangalore’s brother, Jackson. The article has been updated to reflect this information.

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