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    Apex reveals Newcastle’s abilities in season 13 trailer

    Respawn has revealed new legend Newscastle’s abilities in a new Apex Legends trailer.

    Known as the heroic defender, Newcastle is a defense-oriented legend who excels at protecting his teammates and saving the day when things go south. His passive ability, Retrieve the Wounded, allows him to move downed allies with him while reviving them. Retrieve the Wounded also provides a front-facing shield that covers him and the downed teammate during the rez.

    His tactical ability, Mobile Shield, sees Newcastle throwing out an energy shield, once again with the goal of protecting his squad. Once deployed, the shield can be controlled and moved by Newcastle via an attached drone.

    Newcastle’s ultimate ability, Castle Wall, provides a huge amount of protection and shielding for his teammates. Newcastle leaps to either an ally or a target area and slams into the ground, creating a large front-facing shield with multiple panels and open areas for teammates to shoot from. While the shield is as tall as it is wide, it’s open from the back, meaning Newcastle must be careful with where he places it to avoid being attacked from behind.

    A recently-released webpage on the Apex site has additional details about Newcastle, including his history, real name, and complicated past with Bangalore. He’ll be coming to Apex as part of season 13 alongside changes to Storm Point, a major retooling of Ranked mode, and a new battle pass.

    Season 13 begins on May 10.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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