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    Apex player discovers L-Star magazine exploit

    One Apex Legends player has discovered an exploit that makes the L-Star’s magazine effectively bottomless.

    Reddit user jacknoyan shared a video of themselves performing the exploit with an L-Star in the firing range. Normally, the L-Star doesn’t need to be reloaded. Instead, it overheats after shooting a certain number of projectiles. Like other energy weapons, the L-Star can use extended energy magazines, which increase the amount of time the gun can shoot before it overheats.

    With the exploit, the L-Star can effectively shoot forever. Jacknoyan demonstrated firing the gun until it overheated, then quickly equipping a magazine. Equipping the magazine resets the L-Star’s overheat mechanic, so it can immediately be used to shoot again. Removing the magazine does the same thing, meaning that by quickly swapping the magazine between their inventory and the gun, jacknoyan is able to continue shooting the L-Star endlessly.

    While this isn’t necessarily a balance-destroying bug, since tabbing into the inventory screen and swapping the mag out to continue shooting is very clunky and couldn’t be done realistically in the middle of a fight, it could potentially still be exploited. It’s likely that Respawn will issue a hotfix or adjustment in the next few updates that will patch it out.

    This exploit is similar to the Sentinel and Rampage infinite charge bug that took over the game last season. Players were able to use two shield cells or one thermite grenade, respectively, to keep their weapons charged forever. Respawn was quick to fix that bug, disabling the two guns in-game until the exploit could be removed.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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