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    Apex Legends developers plan to rework all roles of legends in future seasons

    Many foreign insiders are reporting a possible rework of the class system in Apex Legends. According to the leakers, the following changes will be introduced to the game over the next 6 months:

    • The Assault class will receive a special “smart” container: by opening it, the player will receive additional loot in the form of modifications and / or ammo suitable for one of their weapons.
      Most of the characters who are already stormtroopers will fit under this class.
    • New class of legends: “Control”. The abilities of the characters of this class are aimed at controlling the territory and opponents entering it. This class will include Caustic, Wattson, Catalyst and Rampart.
    • Newcastle and Gibraltar will be moved to the Support class. A feature of this class will remain the support of allies, their quick return to duty, and the provision of loot.
    • The Intelligence class will remain in its current state.
    • The new class “Duelists” will include heroes whose abilities are great for one-on-one battles. Vivid examples of heroes of this class are Wraith, Mirage and Maggie.
    • Pathfinder will be undergoing a significant rework, the main goal of which will be the processing of his abilities under the Assault class. The main function of the heroes of this category will be the implementation of fast and aggressive team skirmishes.
    • Each of the heroes will receive an additional passive ability assigned to their class.

    Most of these changes, according to verified insiders, have already appeared on the private test server.

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