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    Apex Legends developers confirm Fuse and Bloodhound’s romantic relationship in new video

    The developers at Respawn Entertainment shared a lore video in which they answered a long-standing question from fans about what the relationship between two Apex Legends characters Fuze and Bloodhound is all about. From season to season, all the heroes of the game develop, having their own stories, and the developers often listen to the feedback of the players.

    Fuse and Bloodhound are two characters that at first glance may seem incompatible. Fuze is a self-confident, smug lover of explosives, a mercenary and ladies’ man. Bloodhound is a non-binary individual of unknown gender, orphaned at a young age and raised by his uncle in a community that rejected technology in favor of an ancient Norse belief system called “The Old Ways”. Despite this, ApexLegends players joked about the two having a more than platonic friendship based on in-game banter.

    In the eighth season, the characters flirted with each other and became closer, other characters confirmed their romantic relationship, but in the latest video, the developers themselves answered the age-old question. Fuze invites Bloodhound to hunt and asks about feelings. Bloodhound admits that he is afraid of losing a friend, but love for him lives inside. At the end of the video, the characters share a kiss.

    As seen on PlayGround

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