Ao-kun’s Promise to Hololive Management


Ao-kun Told Management If She Joins She'll Bring More Female Fans...

The Rise of Female VTubers in Hololive

Recently, a noteworthy conversation among VTubers has sparked excitement among fans. During a live stream, Hiodoshi Ao, an up-and-coming talent in the Hololive group, made a bold statement to her management. She confidently expressed her belief that if she joined the team, she would attract a larger female fan base.

Character Introductions

Houshou Marine, Takane Lui, Hiodoshi Ao, and Roboco are all part of the Hololive VTuber group, which has gained immense popularity in recent years. Their diverse personalities and entertaining content have contributed to their success, making them fan favorites in the virtual entertainment world.

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Ao-kun’s Promise to Hololive Management

Hiodoshi Ao’s Ambitious Claim

During the conversation, Hiodoshi Ao boldly stated that she believed she had the potential to attract a larger female fan base to Hololive. This claim highlights her confidence and determination to make a lasting impression in the virtual entertainment industry.

Reactions and Speculation

This statement has sparked intrigue and discussion among fans and fellow VTubers. Some have speculated on the impact of introducing more female fans to the Hololive community, while others are curious to see how Hiodoshi Ao plans to achieve this goal.

As fans eagerly await Hiodoshi Ao’s debut and the potential growth of the female fan base, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this development continue to grow.

Overall, Hiodoshi Ao’s bold claim has generated excitement and curiosity within the virtual entertainment community, signaling a potential shift in the demographic of Hololive’s fan base.

The rise of female VTubers is an exciting development that showcases the diverse appeal and growing influence of virtual content creators. As the VTuber community continues to evolve, Hiodoshi Ao’s ambition and confidence serve as a testament to the limitless potential of virtual entertainment.

Ao-kun’s Promise to Hololive Management

Ao-kun’s Promise to Hololive Management