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    ANVIL Sci-Fi Roguelite Shooter Coming Late July

    Top-down sci-fi shooter ANVIL will release in full next week after its early access period. The co-op roguelite from developer Action Square and publisher HIKE is leaving PC Early Access on Steam on Thursday, July 27th. An exciting PvP mode is coming with the commercial release as players go head-to-head in best-of-five duels against ferocious opponents to achieve glorious victories.

    In ANVIL, players will embark on an epic journey through space in search of an unknown galactic legacy known as the Vault. Throughout their journey, Breakers will team up with teams of up to three players to collect various artifacts, fight powerful space monsters, engage in intense, fast-paced battles, and defeat intimidating bosses. The top-down shooter has four game modes that rogues can experience, each varying in difficulty:

    • Completely new PvP mode. The latest game mode added is adrenaline-fuelled PvP, and rogues can battle it out to be the first to win three rounds and emerge victorious.
    • practical mode. Suitable for new players. This mode removes all dangerous elements in the galaxy so that intruders can get familiar with the game.
    • Galactic mode. In this mode, the destroyers can explore the vast galaxies in sequential order to find and reproduce various relics.
    • Seasonal Challenge Mode. With several unique planets in ANVIL, this mode allows players to choose which ones they would like to explore, and challenge badges can be earned by clearing higher difficulty levels.

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