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    Anonymo upset G2 Esports in the Europe RMR B opener

    Anonymo Esports have exceeded expectations and defeated G2 Esports in the opening game of Europe Regional Major Ranking (RMR) B. The Polish representatives won 19-16 on Mirage.

    Before the second European qualifying event for PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major began, many experts and fans put G2 Esports as one of the favorites to advance with the 3-0 score. Currently, the European superteam sit in fourth place in the ranking, while Anonymo are in 69th place. Naturally, no one saw the upset coming from the Polish squad.

    Nevertheless, the Poles started strong by grabbing six first rounds on the unfavored T-side. Afterward, G2 fixed a couple of their mistakes and made the game even by winning some rounds of their own. Thus, the first half finished with an 8-7 score for G2. After both teams switched sides, at some point it seemed that it was all she wrote for Anonymo, who were losing 10-14 at one point.

    Still, innocent and his teammates didn’t give up, and managed to secure a comeback, leading to overtime. There, they showcased a perfect CT-side, not giving up a single round. After one loss on the T-side, Anonymo claimed the first victory in European RMR B by a solid take of the A site.

    In terms of statistics, innocent and his partner in crime, Vegi, shone the most. The duo boasted a 36-21 and 32-21 K/D ratio, respectively, according to Both were crucial in opening both sites on the terrorist site and oftentimes held their own while defending.

    Later on in the day, both Anonymo and G2 will play a best-of-one series once again. Though, it currently remains unknown who will be their opponents.

    The action in PGL’s Europe RMR B continues throughout the day, and you can catch it on the organizer’s Twitch channels here and here.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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