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    Announced RTS Stardust Exile with 200,418,611,014 star systems and procedural spacecraft generator

    Stardust Exile is a new space RTS game based on the Milky Way galaxy containing currently known stars and exoplanets with their actual characteristics. The rest of the stars and planets are procedurally generated based on currently known data, totaling 200,418,611,014 star systems. This is based on the current estimated number of stars in our galaxy.

    Players will be able to change the names of the stars and planets they find. They can also create their own spaceship designs using the in-game procedural spaceship generator and design their fleet to be different from all others.

    In Early Access, all players will be in the same permanent universe, the main goal is to return to the solar system and end their exile. Thus, players will naturally converge in the solar system or return to the periphery to recuperate and rebuild their fleet. The initial release will also include a single player mode.

    As seen on PlayGround

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