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    Announced psychedelic JRPG – Exit Veil, which is created under the inspiration of Bloodborne and Final Fantasy

    Developers from Cherrymochi studio presented their new project in the JRPG genre – Exit Veil. The authors promise a dark and psychedelic setting in the game, which is created under the influence of Bloodborne, Final Fantasy and Eternal Darkness. In Exit Veil, players will experience a three-dimensional adventure in an unusual world, turn-based battles and tarot card integration.

    The authors promise to give players a unique embodiment of the JRPG genre, which will not repeat other people’s ideas and will offer completely new mechanics. Exit Veil will take players on a unique adventure with the occult to understand the mystical meanings of tarot cards.

    In Exit Veil, the main character will be a young girl named Tori, who has been cut off from the familiar world and is now struggling to adapt to a new reality. She descends deep into the labyrinth of worlds — the domains of Archetypes, Egregors, Servants, Demons, Angels and Machine Elves. Deep in these worlds lies a source of corruption that mercilessly destroys everything it touches. The player will have to help Tori in her wanderings through these worlds in order to pacify the decay, heal the worlds and find her way home.

    At the moment, Exit Veil developers are raising additional funds for development through Kickstarter. Until August 10, the authors hope to reach the minimum goal of 50 thousand dollars, which will allow the release of the game on PC.

    As seen on PlayGround

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