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    An insider has no doubt that a new game in the Star Fox series will appear on the Nintendo Switch

    A possible new Star Fox game has been talked about for a long time, even Star Fox Grand Prix was in the rumors even before the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there are also rumors about a possible port of Star Fox Zero for a hybrid console, but so far no announcements have been made.

    One thing is (almost) certain: Star Fox will be back, at least according to a Zippo insider who has always been very close to the Nintendo world. An insider reports that the new Star Fox is indeed in development at the company’s external studio in Kyoto under the direction of a Japanese company.

    What is this studio? Zippo mentions many names including Bandai Namco, Next Level, Q Games, Koei Tecmo, Ubisoft and Forever Entertainment. The only name that didn’t make it to this list is PlatinumGames, despite the good relationship between the two companies.

    Will it be a new game, sequel, reboot or remake/remaster? Nintendo has reportedly conducted internal testing of various prototypes, and the path taken will represent a game somewhere between a sequel and a reboot.

    Zippo also talks about “a lot of emphasis on online multiplayer or something like that”, as well as plans for a Star Fox animated series being developed by Nintendo Pictures, formerly Dynamo Pictures, now owned by Kyoto.

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