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    An enthusiast showed a new gameplay mod for The Last of Us Part 1 with a first-person view

    The Voyagers Revenge YouTube channel has shared a new video showcasing the WIP mod for The Last of Us Part I.

    In fact, it looks no worse than the official first-person mode. However, while the mod looks pretty impressive, Voyagers Revenge claims it is currently unstable and crashes the game repeatedly. In addition, the mod does not support the latest version of the game.

    Unfortunately, there is no information about the release date of the mod. The first video appeared back in April of this year, and after three months the mod is still in its infancy. At least that’s what its creator claims.

    It would be very ironic if another modder released a first person mod for The Last of Us Part I before this mod was released. But the game’s modding community is practically dead. At least not a single major new mod for it has appeared on NexusMods.

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