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    An enthusiast is working on a remaster of The Simpsons: Hit & Run, trying to make it look like an animated series

    Fans of The Simpson’s Hit & Run have been asking for a remake for a long time. Last year it looked like we might get it, because fan remaster closed. Nothing came of it, however, and now another fan has taken it upon himself to give the cult classic a new coat of paint.

    El Gato Del Tejado is a complete overhaul of Hit & Run, starting with character models, environment textures, and even cutscenes. He shares all the updates on his YouTube channelwhere you can already see some results. Thanks to painstakingly reanimated cutscenes and replacement character models, Hit & Run now looks just like the series and gives us an idea of ​​what a remake could look like.

    In the latest video, El Gato shows off the updated cutscenes. In what looks like an incredibly tedious process, El Gato discovered that the only sure way to improve these scenes was to manually reanimate them all. This includes careful study of the animation aspects of The Simpsons to capture Matt Groening’s iconic style. The final result is impressive.

    There’s a lot more to see on the El Gato channel, showing how much work has already been put into the mod. Dozens of textures have been reworked to be more cartoonish than realistic.

    It is not known when the mod will be released. But given how difficult this task is, especially for a single developer, this is not surprising. El Gato just created a Patreon for his project efforts. Hopefully, it can avoid the issues that the other remaster had, and the developer can safely continue to work on it.

    As seen on PlayGround

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