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    An Elden Ring Fan has drawn an impressive painting of the Lich Dragon Fortisax

    When asked which Elden Ring dragon fight was the best, most players mentioned either the Lich Dragon Fortisax or the Dragonlord Placidusax. User Reddit TheVilebloods especially liked the first one, so much so that he painted a picture based on this meeting.

    In order to meet the boss, some effort will be required by advancing in the Fii quest. After talking to her in Deeproot Lower three times and entering her deathbed sleep, the battle will finally begin.

    What makes Fortisax stand out is its lightning abilities, as the beast will constantly spawn red lightning. His most memorable move is to create two large electric bidents, lifting them into the air before striking. This unforgettable image makes it the perfect focal point for digital painting.

    Instead of aiming for something photorealistic, TheVilebloods has its own unique style. Taking a somewhat minimalist approach, the piece is full of color, with Fortisax floating in the sky holding two bidents. Its wings are clearly visible, as is its neck, with lots of red to give the impression that lightning is being used. The author said that his goal was to “transmit a feeling of absolute beauty when seeing this boss for the first time” and he certainly achieved this.

    As seen on PlayGround

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